Livestock, biological control, and pest control: what is the importance of formulation?

Discovering a new active ingredient for treating a disease, fighting a parasite, or aesthetic use is an arduous and critical path. However, that’s just the initial part. For this active ingredient to reach the person, animal, or plant where it will be applied, we must ensure that its characteristics are not lost along the way or when the product remains on the shelf. That is one of the roles of the formulation. 

Incorporating an active ingredient, chemical or biological, in a formulation (cream, liquid, paste, powder, or others) with appropriate characteristics is essential for this solution to be preserved, appropriately applied, and have its ideal action, often even optimized. 

In the case of Decoy, it was no different. We use some fungi as an active ingredient for the control of ticks and other animal pests as biological control agents. But there was still a lack of a formulation that would allow the preservation of the fungi, the action at the right time, and ease of application. To this end, we seek a partnership with the company Yosen to develop a formulation to optimize our treatment. 


Yosen is a technology-based company located in the “Supera” innovation and technology park in Ribeirão Preto. Pioneer in Brazil in using nanotechnology using exclusively natural ingredients, applied in developing innovative products for the health segment. It develops active ingredients release systems aiming to provide greater efficiency and effectiveness through innovative, natural, and sustainable technologies for the most diverse areas and applications. 

Ynano technology: developed for Decoy 

Through Ynano technology, Yosen developed various formulations designed for the encapsulation and protection of active ingredients according to the needs of each project, facilitating their incorporation into different forms (liquids, semi-solids, and solids), improving the stability of the active ingredients (temperature, pH and enzymes), promoting greater bioavailability and absorption, as well as providing a slower and more gradual release, when necessary. These advantages lead to greater effectiveness of the products, achieving innovative and surprising results.

The Ynano technology was applied to develop Decoy products to obtain an ideal transport for viable microorganisms (fungi) but in a state of hibernation. Thus, when the formulation is dissolved in water, a slow and gradual release of the fungi occurs, leaving their hibernation and entering an active state, performing the acaricides activity in a potentiated and gradual manner. Due to the very small particle size in the formulation and a nanometer-scale dispersion, its application is easy and effective, covering a much larger contact surface area, giving maximum effectiveness to the product.

Another important differential of the Ynano technology is the environmental aspect since the formulation consists only of natural ingredients from vegetable sources such as Coconut and Palm. 

With this, the combination of innovative Ynano technology with the expertise (know-how) of the company Decoy for the production and purification of microorganisms to combat parasites provided a highly technological, effective, and sustainable solution for the fight and prevention of parasites in animals.

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