We are Decoy, a Brazilian biotechnology startup focused on the research and development of products to control pests in animals.

Our work began by analyzing the livestock market, observing that the tick is one of the biggest enemies of milk and meat production in Brazil and the world, generating incalculable losses. By looking at this great challenge, we searched for the best solution to balance the proliferation of this pest in cattle and, through the path of scientific research, help producers control this problem.

We imported all the knowledge we acquired in the academic universe from which we started. We are developing a much more effective way of controlling pests in a biological, precisely strategic, and natural way.

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We are the first company to bring biological control intelligence to the animal health segment. Our solutions have been developed using concepts of balance and integrated management, eliminating the use of pesticides and providing a more effective and ecologically adequate form of control.

We begin with the union of professionals from specific disciplines, such as Biology and Economics, but with a common mindset focused on questioning, innovation and entrepreneurship united for problem-solving. Located in Ribeirão Preto, in the State of São Paulo, today an innovation hub for the agricultural sector, we have an extremely favorable environment for generating new discoveries and intelligent solutions for the market.

Decoy goes far beyond the development of new technologies for the manufacture of pest control products; we engage with the entire process, always focusing on the best results and aiming to reduce the impact on the environment.


We constantly improve our technologies through research, aserving all segments, from small organic producers to large farms. We cultivate a close relationship between producers and researchers, always adding knowledge to our database..

Decoy has been expanding its discoveries to the pet universe as well, developing toxin-free treatments to protect your pet.

We want to consolidate ourselves and become a global reference in the research and development of innovative and sustainable biological pest control products that combine technology, ecology, and strategy.

Our commitment is to encourage a true transformation in Brazil in manufacturing toxin-free products. Products that are not harmful to human and animal health and the environment.


All solutions under development by Decoy are designed through research partnerships. We work in a collaborative format, building solutions together with producers.

Our technicians are prepared to serve our producing partners monitoring the suitability of the application and efficiency in the animals and the environment.

Our partners are an essential part of the development of our technology and rely on the effectiveness of biological control in their properties. Check out the experience of being a Decoy partner:


Nature is a constant movement of life, an interaction between environment and beings. To continue contemplating this fabulous show, we believe that the time has come to think about a different future.

We want to multiply the awareness of a new attitude of respect, intensifying the connection of our relations with the environment, people and animals. We believe that we have an important mission as human beings, to take care of and use what is at our disposal with great responsibility.

Nature is extremely wise and can provide everything we need. All its perfection shows us balance as an instrument to maintain healthy harmony and perpetuate this endless dynamic. Always complete, keeping everything in its proper place.

We follow a rescue movement, a constant search for people, and for the desire to live better every day. To be sustainable today is a necessity. To be sustainable is to bring more certainty to a world we want to live in, in the future. By looking at this, we delved into the essence of the ecosystem to find answers. We chose to use science to enhance its best characteristics.

We believe that by intelligently contributing to the planet, bringing integrated ecological solutions, encouraging more natural food production, and influencing positive attitudes, we will provide more health for animals, people, and the environment and help build an ideal future.

Decoy. Safe control with the power of nature.

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